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Tokocha is a ceramics studio run by me, Fabienne, and supported by my partner Zipu. We are both full-time Architects who love ceramics, tea, travel and photography.


I took up making ceramics 4 years ago and have been passionate about throwing ceramics on the wheel ever since. My ceramics are currently made in our home studio located in London. Being from a mixed background (half Dutch, half Chinese-Indonesian) is a big part of my identity and I also have a strong respect for Asian craft. This is why I try to reflect both Oriental and Western design sensibilities in my designs. The focus of my work is to create satisfying simple objects that are elegant and celebrate the craft of ceramic making through form and glaze. Recently, catalyzed by the pandemic and a huge amount of time at home, my designs have grown more elaborate and decorative and this evolution is a direction I want to explore more in my ceramics going forward.

The studio's name 'tokocha' reflects my identity very well. It is a portmanteau of the Indonesian word 'toko' which has roots in the Chinese Hokkien language and is widely used in the Netherlands to describe an Asian store and 'cha' an alternative spelling of my family name. 

About us
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